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PSA | How To Protect Your PC Against WannaCry Ransomware?(Easy Way)

16 May 2017


So I’m pretty sure many of you have heard about the widespread of the WannaCry Ransomware that is spreading like wildfire and causing a panic around the world. For the uninitiated, WannaCry is a ransomware, a type of malware that can self-propogates(spreads through computers in the same network), encrypts every single file in your computer and has a countdown timer to the time when it will delete all those files forever unless you pay $300 (£230) in Bitcoin which is a pretty hefty sum. Microsoft released a patch for the vulnerability in March, but many systems may not have been updated. There’s already 100,000+ victims so far in more than 99+ countries(13th May 2017).


Report of WannaCry Ransomware epidemic

The Easy 2-Step Solution

Step 1: Update your Windows!

1) Click on your Windows Start button on the bottom left of your screen

2) Type “Check for update” and and press Enter

3) Click “Check for update” button

4) Wait until you see, “You are using the latest version of Windows” if not, click update your Windows.

Step 2: Disable Server Message Block(SMB) via Windows Features!

1) Click on your Windows Start button on the bottom left of your screen

2) Type “Turn Windows Feature on or off” and and press Enter

3) Scroll down until you see “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing” which is enabled by default


4) Uncheck the box beside “SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing” and click Okay button

5) Restart your computer

Additional Tips

1) Do not simply click on links, open emails or download files from untrustworthy sources. Check the email of sender first. I received several emails from “Paypal” today. They look very real but their sender addresses are not Paypal’s.

2) Make a backup of your PC to an external hard disk. In the worst case scenario that you do get infected, you just need to reformat your pc and restore your file backup from the external hard disk.


Congratulations! You have just learnt how to protect your computer against the WannaCry Ransomware!

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