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PSA | How To Avoid The Perodua Scam?

12 Jan 2017

Perodua Spam
Screenshots of scam post being shared

Woke up today morning with my news feed filled with this post and my last check prior to writing this post shows that there has been more than 20+ shares by friends on my FB. I know Myvi is a really nice car and all…but come on, this post reeks of FAKE all over it. Here are the telltale signs:

1) The page was just created a week ago

Perodua is 24 year old company. The company was founded in 1993(Source: Wiki). Wouldn’t have they created an FB page years ago?

2) Quality of the photos

Being such an established company, don’t you think they could have the budget to hire a professional photographer to take picture for their FB Page instead of this photo that looks like it was taken by a 2 year old baby with a LEGO camera.

3) Company information and name

The FB about page is empty. There is no description. The name itself is fishy.

Is there any harm being done here?

Non actually unlike the Free Adidas Shoe Scam post I wrote about few months ago(That blog post was deleted when I was migrating my blog unfortunately)

Then what’s the purpose of doing this then?

Well, the motive behind doing pages like this is to gain likes and followers and sell it to the highest buyer. Once it accumulates enough followers/likes(Eg. few hundred thousands), Facebook Pages like these can fetch quite a handsome price from the right buyers. They will change the name of the page and advertise their products.

Action Items

  1. Share this article to spread the awareness
  2. Unlike the page
  3. Verify before sharing anything on Facebook

The Fake Perodua Facebook Page(UPDATE: It has been deleted)

Perodua Spam

The Actual Perodua Facebook Page

Perodua Scam
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