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3 Simple Steps to Buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 for RM900 off Its Official Price!

17 Oct 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Out of the Box


A few weeks ago, I got the Samsung Galaxy S8 and am loving it ever since. It is worth every single cent with its main highlight being that beautiful, bezelless, sexy-licious screen and finally a phone that keeps up to speed with me. Many have been asking me why did I upgrade so suddenly. Well, its because I found a way to get it for RM889 less than its Official Retail Price of RM3299 at RM2410. I was pretty sceptical of it at first, thinking it was impossible or it was a scam but it’s as real as it can get. It’s a Brand New in Box Samsung S8 with 1 Year Original Warranty by Samsung Malaysia Electronics(SME). Right now, you can get it at an even cheaper price. Here’s how you can get your own for RM900 less in 3 simple steps:

The Easy 3-Steps to get this Promo

Step 1: Download the Qoo10 app and sign up!

Download the Qoo10 app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Register an account on the platform!

Qoo10 Malaysia App Page

Qoo10 Malaysia App Page

Step 2: Get the RM390 coupon

Qoo10 Digital/Living Rewards Coupon

Get Qoo10 Digital/Living Rewards RM390 Coupon via the mobile app. Search for this banner either in the homepage or the product page and click on the RM390 off voucher. Don’t worry if you cannot get it today. The coupon resets everyday at 10am.So try and try again until you get it.Qoo10 Digital/Living Rewards Coupon

Step 3: Go to Galaxy S8 post and use coupon Galaxy S8 Post on Qoo10

Go check out Samsung S8 deals in the app. I bought mine from as they were the cheapest at the time at RM2410.(Now even cheaper at RM2399) Galaxy S8 Post on Qoo10

Now just wait 2-3 days for your brand new Galaxy S8 to arrive! The same method can also be applied on the Samsung Galaxy S8+ or any other electronic gadgets on Qoo10. This is a limited time promo, so do not miss this chance!

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Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored by, Qoo10 or Samsung.

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