Top 4 Things You Need to Know from Google Event 2017!

12 Oct 2017 In case you missed the live stream of the event last week, Google has dropped some major announcements in San Francisco. Here are my top 4 favourite products from the announcements: Google Pixel and Pixel XL 2017(Source: 1. Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL As the successor of last year’s Pixel...


HONOR Magic 2 | Full Review

The HONOR Magic 2 is one of the very few smartphones that made a comeback with the return of the slider phone but it isn’t necessarily the same slider mechanism that we remember from back in the days. The Magic 2 is a fascinating device and may as well be one...


Unboxing: The HONOR Magic 2

  The HONOR Magic 2 is the company’s first ever implementation of a truly notch-less full screen slider smartphone. Two years after the launch of its predecessor, the HONOR Magic 2 is now official after being teased at the IFA 2018 early this year....

Data Science

How I Made The Data Visualization of Top 50 Comments on Facebook Post by the Crown Prince of Johor

11 Apr 2018 Foreground/Motivation Two days ago, I read this post by the Crown Prince of Johor on his official FB Page, JOHOR Southern Tigers where he occasionally posts his thoughts on current issues in Malaysia. For the uninitiated, sultans and princes are...

Data Science

Data Visualization of Top 50 Comments on Facebook Post by the Crown Prince of Johor

10 Apr 2018

Data Science

Infographic | How to Choose the Right Duplicate Detection Technique?

30 Jan 2018

Online Safety

PSA | How To Protect Your PC Against WannaCry Ransomware?(Easy Way)

16 May 2017 Introduction So I’m pretty sure many of you have heard about the widespread of the WannaCry Ransomware that is spreading like wildfire and causing a panic around the world. For the uninitiated, WannaCry is a ransomware, a type of malware that can...


TechTips | How To Hide Your Likes, Following and Now Friends With?

26 Feb 2017 Have you found yourselves in these awkward situations before?Situation A: Situation B: Or even this,Situation C: Whenever you LIKE a page, FOLLOW a person or ADD FRIENDS, it will show up in your friend’s news feed and I have seen it lead to many...

Online Safety

PSA | How To Avoid The Perodua Scam?

12 Jan 2017 Woke up today morning with my news feed filled with this post and my last check prior to writing this post shows that there has been more than 20+ shares by friends on my FB. I know Myvi is a really nice car and all…but come on, this post reeks of...